Taekwon - do ITF Boxing gloves - BackFist BeSpecial Blue

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Brand: BackFist
79 €

Be exceptional with  "BeSpecial" Collection!

Genuine Leather

Color: Blue

Suitable for: Taekwon - to ITF!

Detailed information

Product detailed description

BackFist BeSpecial:

BeSpecial gloves were designed with maximal precision in mind. The full-leather material provides ultimate comfort and maximum stability.

 Excellent fist closure keeps your hand in a natural position all the time. 
The thumb lock system reduces the risk of thumb injury and keeps your thumb in the correct position.
Foam collar system with 4 layers stabilizes your wrist and provides you the maximum protection.
No matter how hard you are hitting.

Ideal for sparring, bag workouts and mitt work.


Regarding the Taekwon - do ITF rules, gloves are available only in size 10OZ.



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Category: Sparring Gear
Warranty: 2 years
Weight: 0.65 kg