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Interview with Nikos Leousis

Welcome at our first paper of BackFist blog.

In our first interview we would like to introduce you to a man who is a huge athlete, a leader of club A.C Neapolis Makedoniki Dynami, a European champion and also organizer of European king of Taekwondo ITF, Nikolaos Leousis.

Nikos won his first European Championship in 1992 in adults. 
His the biggest success surely is second place on World Championship in year 1999 in Argentina also in Adults category.




You belong between taekwondo legends, which now leading very successful club, please could you tell me, how did you get to taekwondo and how old you were when did you start?

I started to practice taekwondo at the age of 7. The reason that pushed me to start taekwondo was the action movies I saw when I was young.


Question How it was with Greece national team and how it works there?

In the early 90's I was used to train alone because the trainers in Greece that time focused only in the traditional way of training (patterns and self defence). The reason I decided to train alone was my desire to develop my sparring abilities and to become a better fighter.


After how many years of practicing you did compete on european or world championship?

My first competition with the Greek national team was at 1990 in European championship in Davos of Switzerland and I managed to win the -63kg adult

I practiced for 10 years in taekwondo before competing my first European/World championship at mens category. This happened because in these years we didn't have juniors championship to participate so my first time was in this category.



Who was your coach?

My first teacher in Taekwondo was Master Stylianidis but I had also and other's like Master Kosmoglou especially in the national team.


What was your motivation, what was that target which you wanted?

The motivation that I had as a taekwondo athlete was to became better and better every time and the target i seted was to be the best athlete in my category first of all in Greece and then in Europe and world too. I never lost in Greece.


Is any opponent who you will never forget? If yes, tell me who?

The 90's it was a decade with very strong ITF organisation united with many great athlete's such as Tomaz Barada, Stephen Tapilatu, Paul Germain and Pierre Guinnete which a had played with some of them.




Who is in your opinion current the best male and female tkd athlete?

Now day's there are many good competitors male's and female's and it wouldn't be fair to say only just one name.


When you establish your own club?

I established of my club was in 1992 and I managed to make my big dream come true.


How many members has your club?

Now i have 3 hall's in my town with 300 athletes


What is your target now?

My target is to make my athletes love this sport ( TAEKWONDO I.T.F ) and help them with my knowledge and experience to develop their skills.




I would like to say thank you to Nikos for his time. 
We wish you all the best in future!

Nikos 's greatest sport achievements:

1992 European Championship in Switzerlands:
1. Place sparring to 71 kg

1994 European Championship in Poland
3. Place sparring to 71 kg

1995 European Championship in Germany
3. Place sparring to 71 kg

1996 European Championship in Italy
1. Place sparring to 80 kg

1997 European Championship in Slovenia
1. Place sparring to 80 kg

1998 European Championship in Italy
2. Place sparring to 80 kg

1999 World Championship in Argentina
2. Place sparring to 80 kg


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