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About us

My name is Adam Chlebek and I am Taekwon - Do ITF practicioner.

I was not satisfied with offer and quality exactly for Taekwon - do ITF.
That is reason why I start to design our products. I did it also for myself, because I always wanted all the best.

Then establishing of company in 23th December 2016 as BackFist sport s.r.o. ( LTD.)

Selling of products doesn't start immediately, because we are tested all what we made and we had to make sure ourself.
Our dobok BackFist - Rival was first product which BackFist start to sell.
Their preparation takes long time for final version to selling, but it was worth it.

We used very comfortable and ultralight material.
Currently it is the most favorite product.

Bílá 3

Now we are in big expectation, because BackFist after long time of testing introduce boxing gloves approved by EITF and we guess, 
that the boxing gloves will compete with Rival doboks very well.
the feel of exceptionality, awesome design, flexible glove and maximum protect.


Backfist is preparing many new thing during further time.
We can reveal, that we also preparing something from clothing like compression T - shirts or leggins.

That's reason to stay tuned and watch us!

Don't worry, be BackFist.


                                                                   Adam Chlebek